9 Tips You Must Remember While Visiting India

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India is a cultural nation- Be with it: One can understand what India is only by looking at the people who live there. It starts from poor, middle class, and goes till very rich to extremely rich people. People living in India are different from those living in outskirts. India has Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jains, Parsis and more. One can know more about them only after being along with them.
One must not get prejudiced by the rickshaw pullers, taxi drivers, etc about Indians in general: Observing the real beauty of India can not be done through mere sitting in a taxi or rickshaw n looking around rather one should take his/her own initiative. Once if a stranger enters within the boundary of India taxi drivers or rickshaw pullers tend to charge high prices from them. Indians have a different mannerism s compared with the westerners but no doubt they are very hard working, talented, patient, and hospitable.
Specificity is the key: One when enters India it would be better for him to be specific in his conversations with the people he is coming in contact with. Being short clear n specific would count a lot while traveling around in India.
You will be judged by your spending power: There is a great myth in India that foreigner's are rich and can very easily dole out a lot of money. Indians try to dip into one's pocket very cleverly. They are basically very curious every second stranger wants to know what you do where you coming from what are your intentions what your parents do what's your family background n many other things. It is really very difficult to cope up with this kind of nature that Indians.
Serving is a way of showing their respect for you: Many people in India offer genuine service to outsiders who come to visit India its not everyone who tries to burn your pocket. They would undertake discomfort themselves and provide you with the best services. They con it as a part of honor and hospitality. These are what Indian standards according to them are.
Touch- makes them feel close to you: Western people have different ways of dealing with outsiders but when it comes to India its all about respect and hospitality. There are different gestures and postures which Indians use to show there friendly nature, such as hugging- it's a sign that you are welcomed and a part of them. But, of course you have to judge the nature behind.
India- a country where a lot of orthodox comes to play when men and women are to be friends, specially in a public place: It becomes very important to act in a sophisticated manner when you are in a public place specially in India. People in India have different thoughts about a men and women friendship even if it is a normal one. So one needs to be very careful while dealing with Indian women.
A distance to be maintained between foreign men and Indian women: The Indian way of greeting is with your palms folded together. It is considered as a safe and mannered way of dealing with women, so one should avoid physical contact with the women of India or a normal handshake would go.
Bargain, wherever you seem it is possible: Bargaining in India is a very normal activity which goes on even with items having fixed price tag on them. This strategy works with ANY kind of negotiations, even business deals.
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