13 Death Defying Indian Adventures of 2014

13 Death Defying Indian Adventures of 2014

Everything from parkour to jumping off a cliff.
Leap Of Faith© Akash Dixit
Dive right in to see the daring adventures undertaken by Indians this year. The kind of stuff television commercials are made of, except these are real.

Two Women Conquer Stok Kangri in Two Days

An account of how two 21 year-olds pulled off a rare feat.

Free Falling in Meghalaya

The story of one guy's hunger to find new adventure in the North East.

When In Rampur, Parkour!

Rampur boys show you Chinese movie stunts sans stunt doubles.

Konkan BASE Jump: 750ft Straight Drop Off A Cliff

Indian BASE jumper leaps into a valley of uncertainty.

Can Your Math Tutor Parkour?

Mumbai parkour athlete Gunjan Sharma challenges the extremes.

73 Kayakers Battle the Wrath of the Ganges

Ground zero report from the Ganga Kayak Festival.

Bird Watching And Getting Chased By Rhinos

An account of finding friends and discovering the Kaziranga.

On Top of the World

Poverty & polio didn’t stop Manikandan from becoming India’s first para-climbing World Champion.

Meet Shivalinga, India's X-Games Participant

The story of Bangalore based climber's tryst with victory.

Snow Leopard - Tracking The Himalayan Ghost

How to spot a rare elusive cat at high altitude level of 13,000ft.

Malabar River Festival – A Look Back

Our very own International Kayaking Championship.

Trekking The Breathtaking Hampta Pass

Can you ever get bored of beauty?

He Tried To Climb And Conquer The World Cup At 20

Kumar Gaurav is a lead climber from India. He has climbed in more World Cups than you.

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